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Love, Laughter and Lies Violet Renee

Love, Laughter and Lies

Violet Renee

Kindle Edition
293 pages
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 About the Book 

Love, Laughter and Lies is written as a Love Diary taking you inside the extremely loving and sometimes challenging relationship of Ronnie Blackmon and his beautiful wife Tia.Tia Blackmon had it all. A stunningly handsome and successful young husband, three adorable children and a profitable career in commercial real estate. That is until her husband dropped kicked her with his true confession of having fathered a baby girl with a clerk from down the way. And if that wasnt bad enough, he passed the baby girl off as his brothers secret love child sending Tias temper into overload. Murder may be the case they give her as she confronts her wayward husband and mayhem ensues.Ronnie Blackmon is all man with no apologies. He sincerely loves his beautiful wife Tia and would never replace her. But he went out on his creep and forgot to wrap it up resulting in the birth of sweet little Nina. He just cant seem to resist the lovely feminine flavors that are always in his face wanting a taste of his sexy bad boy persona. His bases are loaded with a wife, mistress and baby mama and he juggles them like a pro believing he is entitled to whatever he wants whenever he wants it.Question is, will Ronnie be able to maintain the love hold he has on his wife or will she escape the pain and humiliation of his philandering with the handsome, wealthy blonde beach boy in Miami?Love, Laughter and Lies is a humorous tale of love and relationships with hip hop flavor and old school drama that will keep you reading until the jaw dropping end.